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Eclipse 4 Application Tutorial available (for Eclipse 4.2 M5)

A while ago I published an Eclipse e4 tutorial. Things have been moving quite a bit in Eclipse 4 since then. I’m pretty excited about the capabilities of Eclipse 4, therefore I re-wrote my tutorial to show the capabilities of … Continue reading

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The end of Eclipse 3.x

Currently we have in my option the unfortunate situation that Eclipse did fork itself into a 3.x and 4.x stream. Fortunately this is going to change. I think it is worth to put emphasis on the statement of Mike Milinkovich. … Continue reading

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If you work with the Android Emulator and deploy to it for a while you may receive the following error message in the LogCat View. Installation error: INSTALL_FAILED_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE The reason for this is that the emulator default to 64MB for … Continue reading

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Android SQLite and ContentProvider Book available for the Kindle

Today I released my new Android SQLite and ContentProvider book for the Kindle device. This book demonstrates how you can develop Android applications using the integrated SQLite database. It also demonstrates how to use and create ContentProvider for accessing data. … Continue reading

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WindowBuilder with Eclipse 4.2 / 3.8 (Linux)

Currently, if you trying to use WindowBuilder under Linux with Eclipse 3.8 / Eclipse 4.2, it renders incorrectly. Add the following line to the end of your eclipse.ini file to fix this: -Dorg.eclipse.swt.internal.gtk.useCairo=false This is a small bug in SWT … Continue reading

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Making the Android SDK source code available in Eclipse

As of Android 4.0 the integration of the Android SDK source code is much easier. You can just download the source code via the Android SDK Manager. The sources are downloaded to the source directory located in “path_to_android_sdk/sources/android-xx”. xx is … Continue reading

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Jan 2012 Challenge of the month – No more Windows

A bit delayed and short, but this month I have the challenge to only use Linux (Ubuntu). I have no MS Windows OS installed anymore, no dual boot or such a thing. I still have a Mac in the house … Continue reading

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I updated the design of vogella to make the navigation simpler. I basically simplified the top menu and added a few more sub-categories, e.g. Tutorials Blog, Social and About page Books I also highlighted my Eclipse RCP and Android trainings … Continue reading

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