The end of Eclipse 3.x

Currently we have in my option the unfortunate situation that Eclipse did fork itself into a 3.x and 4.x stream.

Fortunately this is going to change.

I think it is worth to put emphasis on the statement of Mike Milinkovich.

Quote: As of the Juno release, Eclipse 4 is going to be the base platform for the Eclipse ecosystem. [SNIP] Eclipse 3.8 will also ship as part of the Juno release, but currently there are no 3.x releases planned after that..

I think its great the the platform gets ride of the two code lines.

For users this means that they should give the Eclipse 4.2 milestones a try. For Eclipse projects this means that they should test their plug-ins based on Eclipse 4.2.

For this mean that I should update my Eclipse RCP tutorials.

Both should report bugs in case they find issues.

Happy bug hunting!

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10 Responses to The end of Eclipse 3.x

  1. Miso says:

    Hello, would you care to publish some article to motivate us why to care about Eclipse 4, what are the real benefits?

    I checked the last version and it was very ugly it looked like some WPF demo project. I had to switch back to classic view and didn’t see much differences.


  2. Lars Vogel says:

    @Miso: Eclipse 4 is about making Eclipse development better. See here for an introduction Users of Eclipse will indirectly benefit as tool development gets more flexible you get better tooling (medium and long term).

  3. Miso says:


    Great, looking forward to reading your article! 🙂

  4. Nauman says:


    Thanks for the succint summary. How about a little quickie tutorial about how an average eclipse IDE user can make the switch.

  5. Lars Vogel says:

    @Nauman: Once Eclipes 4.2 is released I will update my Eclipse IDE online tutorial and my Eclipse IDE book

  6. j says:

    Note the following quote from a discussion of E4 at the last Architecture Council meeting (

    Maturity: Great work has been done, but the team is short of resources …
    Happy where we are now but not happy what it looks like where we’ll end up
    It may be possible that the team can’t provide the level of quality that’s necessary for the Community
    That’s currently being assessed … Community will be informed in a very open manner … 3.8 might end up being the Platform Team’s contribution to Juno
    If you can contribute, please consider contributing !

  7. Bruno M says:

    It’s nice to get rid of two codelines, for sure!, so normally I would be all up for such a change. However, Eclipse 4.x looks incredibly ugly, enough to not make me want to use it. It’s so annoying: it looks downright amateurish, if not buggy, and there is no way (that I know) to make it look like the 3.x (or 2.x) series.
    I am not that familiar with the core Eclipse community, so I don’t know what is happening here, but I feel quite disappointed. Why is so much effort given to API compatibility with the 3.x series, but the UI aspect is not given the same consideration? And do people actually consider these new UI themes to be an improvement over the previous one? (The first time I tried 4.x I actually thought there some rendering problem with my machine or eclipse build x_x’ )

    – Bruno M.

  8. Lars Vogel says:

    @Bruno: I asumme currenty the focus lies on the functionality, improvements in the visual display will be done before the release.

  9. Bruno M says:

    *Uff*… I’m much more relieved now: Looking @dougschaefer tweets, I just found that much of the ugliness I was seeing was due to some bug where the newly selected theme isn’t fully actived until Eclipse is restarted. (Initially I didn’t think this was a bug because the same behavior was present in 4.1 …)
    Anyways, the “Classic” and “Windows 7 Classic” themes look great, nearly identical to 3.x … only thing missing is the option to have traditional style tabs (instead of the curvy ones), let’s see if there is a way to fix that.

  10. Bruno M says:

    Found that info here:
    Traditional style tabs functionality is not yet implemented, but you can workaround it by editing the CSS file, and it works fine. Cool! 🙂

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