Eclipse 4 Application Tutorial available (for Eclipse 4.2 M5)

A while ago I published an Eclipse e4 tutorial. Things have been moving quite a bit in Eclipse 4 since then.

I’m pretty excited about the capabilities of Eclipse 4, therefore I re-wrote my tutorial to show the capabilities of Eclipse 4.

This tutorial focuses on the application model and the dependency injection capabilities.

Eclipse 4 Tutorial.

More Eclipse 4 tutorials are available on in the category Eclipse 4 Development but I have not yet spend sufficient time to polish their content.

I hope you like it. It was a significant amount of work I invested into the description. Please let me know if you find errors.

I also would like to thank Brian de Alwis, Tom Schindl, Remy Suen, Paul Webster, John Arthorne and Eric Moffatt for answering my questions.

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