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Eclipse 4 is now a full dependency injection container with @Creatable

If you want to get your own Java objects injected into a model elements just annotated them with @Creatable. If you then tell Eclipse that you need an instance of the your class it will generate it for you. For … Continue reading

Posted in Eclipse | Tagged , | 6 Comments gets a motto – “Because knowledge feels like magic”

Every company has a motto which should describe its primary purpose. Google has the “Don’t be evil” motto, Nike has “Just do it”, IBM has to my knowledge “Think” as motto and Apples has “Think Different”. I personally like to … Continue reading

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Eclipse 4 RCP training available

A few weeks ago I heard from Mike Milinkovich at the Eclipse Day At Googleplex 2011 that Eclipse 4.2 will be the basis for the Juno release and Eclipse 3.8 will be the last Eclipse 3.x release. I already gave … Continue reading

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Batch converting LibreOffice documents into pdf

LibreOffice has a nice command line interface which allows to convert documents into pdf. For example to convert foo.odt document into foo.pdf use: Use the -outdir parameter to specify the output directory Or to convert all documents from a directory … Continue reading

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Android StrictMode – NetworkOnMainThreadException

I have writen about StrictMode before. In case you have not noticed; StrictMode for network access results in a fatal error as for Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) or later, unless your app is targeting an API version before Honeycomb. The right … Continue reading

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Eclipse Awards Voting will close in 2 days!

Please vote for the Eclipse Community Awards:

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WindowBuilder Support for Eclipse 4 Parts in Juno

I’m happy to see that WindowBuilder will support Eclipse 4 in the Eclipse Juno release. See Bug Report for details. WindowBuilder is a great efficiency tool for creating user interfaces and he adaption of Eclipse 4 will be much easier … Continue reading

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Eclipse gets sexy again – new Splashscreen

In case you missed it, Eclipse 4.2 has a new Spashscreen. I really like it (maybe the Eclipse graphic could be a little lower to feel more centered but otherwise it is great). The details are in the Bug report: … Continue reading

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Avoiding Git Merge Commits with branch.branchname.rebase = true

If you have local changes in your Git repo and pull in new changes from your remote repository, Git will per default create a merge commit for the pulled changes. This can clutter your history with unnecessary commits. To rebase … Continue reading

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Eclipse 4 Platform Services Tutorial / Overview available

I created and re-worked a summary of the most important Eclipse 4 Platform Services, e.g. ECommandHandler, EPartService, ESelectionService and the EModelService: Eclipse 4 Services Tutorial I hope this helps. I’m pretty excited about Eclipse 4, developing Eclipse 3.x plug-ins or … Continue reading

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