WindowBuilder Support for Eclipse 4 Parts in Juno

I’m happy to see that WindowBuilder will support Eclipse 4 in the Eclipse Juno release. See Bug Report for details.

WindowBuilder is a great efficiency tool for creating user interfaces and he adaption of Eclipse 4 will be much easier for companies by having such a great tooling available for Eclipse 4 based applications.

Eclipse 4 is getting really stable and is very powerful. Last week I trained 16 developers in Eclipse 4 based on the M5 milestone. While we had a few issues in this training, I was very much impressed how stable the platform already is. All discovered issues have been filled, so I expect that M6 will be rock stable.

Also by using the consistent programming model, it was much easier to explain the concepts. No more remembering how to get a Shell from the different places of the application.

I suggest that people really take a peek. I reworked my Eclipse 4 tutorial based on the training, so you should be able to get an easy start.

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