Batch converting LibreOffice documents into pdf

LibreOffice has a nice command line interface which allows to convert documents into pdf.

For example to convert foo.odt document into foo.pdf use:

soffice -nologo -invisible-convert-to pdf foo.odt 

Use the -outdir parameter to specify the output directory

soffice -nologo -invisible-convert-to pdf -outdir ./pdf foo.odt 

Or to convert all documents from a directory use:

soffice -invisible -nologo -convert-to pdf *.odp 

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3 Responses to Batch converting LibreOffice documents into pdf

  1. Ans says:

    thumbs up for simplicity;

  2. belg4mit says:

    Be careful copying & pasting, those options start with double dashes but have been converted to em dashes by the blog software.

    On Windows, there must be no running instances of OpenOffice/LibreOffice when this command is issued.

  3. belg4mit says:

    –headless is also easier and more effective than –nologo –invisible

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