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Eclipse 4 Book for Kindle available (Early Access Version)

Finally, I can announce that the first version of the Eclipse 4 RCP Book is available. Eclipse 4 Application Development – Eclipse 4 Application Development – Not everything is completely polished, but it should be already a good … Continue reading

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Eclipse 4 training partnership with Industrial TSI (Netherlands, English Training)

Industrial TSI and vogella have entered into a partnership to provide Eclipse 4 RCP courses in The Netherlands and the Flemmish part of Belgium. We believe that Industrial TSI is the suitable partner in this region to provide Eclipse 4 … Continue reading

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Using Android SDK Icons

The Android SDK contains lots of useful icons, which you can reuse in your application. The Android team does not want you to link to some of them directly, as they might change in a future version and your icons … Continue reading

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Show your Android phone screen on your computer screen

I recently found Droid@Screen. Its a tiny Java lib which you can start with java -jar droidAtScreen-0.5.jar. Once started it will use the Android adb to show the screen of you phone on your computer. Can be handy for demos.

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Eclipse 4 RCP Tutorial updated to M7 and Eclipse 4 book (Early Access Version) soon available

I updated the Eclipse 4 RCP Tutorial to Eclipse 4.2 M7. This week I’m in the process of delivering a 5 days Eclipse 4 training together with Marcel Bruch and M7 really shines in terms of stability. M7 contains lots … Continue reading

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