Building with Maven Tycho

I finally made the effort to learn Maven Tycho. It is really a pleasure compared with PDE Build. I also created a small Maven Tycho Tutorial.

Currently it only covers the creation of plug-ins, features and p2 updates but I plan to add a chapter about Eclipse 4 product builds soon.

Thanks to Xavier Seignard for his help on Twitter for uploading only the p2 update site with the Maven Wagon plug-in.

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3 Responses to Building with Maven Tycho

  1. Hi Lars,

    Thanks for this tutorial, I am sure it will be helpful to lots of people.
    I’d just like to share an opinion about publishing done via Maven: I’ve worked on several projects, and have always found automating publication of p2 repo via Maven in pom.xml is not the best approach.
    Indeed you link strongly the build to a URL that you’ll always have to change when version change, or when branching…
    If find it much easier to keep publication step out of Maven and pom.xml, for example to make it part of another Job step in Jenkins, or simply to do it manually.

    Putting target URLs to publish in pom.xml introduce a lot of maintenance efforts.

  2. Lars Vogel says:

    @Mickael I agree about the version management. For simple cases this is not always required therefore I still describe it.

  3. After a not so short (and not so pleasant) experience with Tycho, I tried Buckminster and now I couldn’t even think to go back to Tycho where efforts have to be duplicated w.r.t. building with Eclipse, and you don’t know what’s happening in the background… 😉 I must admit that the new Buckminster wizard shipped with the new Xtext helped me lot to switch to Buckminster 🙂

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