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Moving the e4 tools build to Tycho

I implemented a Tycho build for the e4 tools based in the CBI configuration (I hope). If you want to build the e4 tools now for yourself, just do the following: git clone git:// cd mvn clean install This … Continue reading

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Posting screenshots and images in Github issues

Github issues currently do not allow to add pictures. As a workaround you can use the website to capture screenshots or upload existing and use wiki markup language to add it. ![AltText](url)

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vogella tutorials redesign

Mario Zechner tweeted about I really liked their CSS design and adjusted the tutorial design based on their CSS. For example: Android Tutorial Let me know what you think.

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Eclipse Papercut #9 – Default preference settings via plugin_customization.ini – Type Filter Example

Dani Megert gave me in the Eclipse forum the tip how setup default values preferences, in this example for for JDT type filters. The solution is relatively easy. Create in your Eclipse installation directory a file called “plug_customization.ini” and add … Continue reading

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