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Building the e4 tools locally with CBI

In case you are building Eclipse4 RCP applications (which you should Eclipse 3.x RCP is just legacy these days), you may want to use the latest and greatest version of your e4 tooling. I updated the description how to build … Continue reading

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My EclipseCon Europe talk

This year was my first EclipseCon ever. I have to say that I really enjoyed it. I met a lot of virtual coworkers and also new and old committer friends. I also gave a talk about Eclipse 4 Context Functions. … Continue reading

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Improved JDT Filtered PackageExplorer (for Eclipse 4.2.1)

I updated my JDT Filtered Package Explorer. It should now also work with ‘Top Level Elements > Working Sets’ as top level and should also the native “Cancel” button of the platform. Just for reference to use the native cancel … Continue reading

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Eclipse 4 and RAP – Continue the port

Last week Ralf Sternberg, Markus Knauer and I spend a second day in porting RAP to Eclipse4. Our start was a bit slow as we redid the changes we did the last time because we wanted to fork the org.eclipse.platform.ui … Continue reading

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Honored to be a Java Champion –

I’m very honored to be now part of the Java Champions Group. The website describes the group as following: The Java Champions are an exclusive group of passionate Java technology and community leaders who are community-nominated and selected under a … Continue reading

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Building Eclipse SDK locally with Maven

Building Eclipse distributions in your own PC or in your company server is an important goal of the Eclipse CBI initiative and more broadly an important step of providing the LTS services around Eclipse technologies. LTS means that companies will be able to … Continue reading

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October challenge of the month: Again Inbox zero

I completely failed with the last month challenge, my Inbox actually increased significantly. This months challenge will be again to achieve Inbox zero. Lets see how this works out this month.

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