My EclipseCon Europe talk

This year was my first EclipseCon ever. I have to say that I really enjoyed it. I met a lot of virtual coworkers and also new and old committer friends.

I also gave a talk about Eclipse 4 Context Functions. I really enjoyed it. I saw a lot of interest although it was a deep technical topic around the Eclipse 4 Application Platform.

My slides are here although I decided to keep the talk short and give more spaces to the demos.

To demo and illustrate the topic I used Tom’s JavaFx renderers to build an e4 on JavaFX application with animations and cool stuff. You can find them in my GitHub repo here.

I look forward to be part of other EclipseCon-s as, in spite of being great technical conferences they are also the place where the Eclipse community brings out its spirit and passion at its best.

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