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Help searched for NatTable evolution by Dirk Fauth

Currently we are working a lot on the NatTable core to make it a more robust and flexible framework. This comes with some major refactorings that enhance existing interfaces or change workflows. The last few days (or weeks) we worked … Continue reading

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Eclipse 4 asynchronous processing and the event bus by Lars Vogel

Synchronizing yourself with the user interface thread in Eclipse 4 can be done with the getting an instance of UISynchronize injected and use this class to execute an Runnable in the user interface thread. But Eclipse 4 provides an even … Continue reading

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Testing plain SWT with SWTBot by Dirk Fauth

SWTBot is a testing tool for testing Eclipse and SWT based applications. If you search for SWTBot you will find some tutorials and a documentation showing how to test an Eclipse application or product. This is very easy. Following the … Continue reading

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Eclipse 4 typical launch problems – by Lars Vogel

I receive a lot of questions which relates to problem with launching the Eclipse 4 application. I also see the same questions again and again in the Eclipse 4 forum. Therefore I created the following list to help you to … Continue reading

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Customizing the available tabs in the Search dialog in Eclipse

Eclipse allows to search and provides different tabs for different search cases. In 99% of the cases I want to use the File search but in most cases I end in the Java or Plug-in search. Unfortunately Eclipse relates file … Continue reading

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Tycho Advanced by Dirk Fauth

Reading the current literature regarding Eclipse 4 and Maven Tycho, I realized that some aspects on dependency management are not described. IMHO these aspects are important and with this post I will try to close some of those gaps. This … Continue reading

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