Customizing the available tabs in the Search dialog in Eclipse

Eclipse allows to search and provides different tabs for different search cases. In 99% of the cases I want to use the File search but in most cases I end in the Java or Plug-in search.

Unfortunately Eclipse relates file extensions with Search tabs as described in the documentation (Link and you can currently not set the default search tag (see Feature request).

Marc Philipp suggested via Twitter a nice “hard” solution, you can turn off all other search tabs via the customize button in the search dialog.

Works for me, and if I really need another search tab I can turn it on temporarily. I added this info also to my Eclipse IDE tutorial.

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One Response to Customizing the available tabs in the Search dialog in Eclipse

  1. Chris says:

    Do you remember our conversation on Twitter ? Today I tried the key-binding thing, and it works – at least on my machine (Eclipse Juno SR1 for Windows). It’s quite nice, when I hit STRG+H while in a class the Java Search pops up, but when I use my new binding (ALT+H) it opens the File Search dialog.



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