Eclipse 4 Vaadin renderer – webrenderer for Eclipse 4 RCP applications

For those of you looking for a multi-user web renderer for Eclipse 4 RCP application, you don’t have to look further: Vaaclipse homepage.

Vaaclipse is a framework for building web applications using Eclipse 4 Platform and Vaadin. It allows to use the power of the Eclipse 4 in web development.

Pretty impressive what they are doing.


The cool thing is, you can do directly to their homepage and try out there demos.

Vaadin demos.

You find more information about the renderer framework in Eclipse 4 here: Eclipse renderer tutorial.

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2 Responses to Eclipse 4 Vaadin renderer – webrenderer for Eclipse 4 RCP applications

  1. Ralf Sternberg says:

    The demos are impressive! Do you know something about how vaaclipse works around the bugs that still prevent E4 from being used in multi-user applications?

  2. Lars Vogel says:

    @Ralf, they patched the event broker to work in a multi-user environment.

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