Ubuntu: How to move an application which is displayed offscreen

I use several monitors and sometimes an application, e.g. an Android emulator opens off-screen. I use the following approach to move it back to the visible area:

Use ALT+TAB to switch to the off-screen application
Press ALT-SPACE -> this shows the system menu, maybe the menu is not visible but you still can call its options
Press M to select the “Move” menu
Use the mouse or the arrow keys to move the application

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One Response to Ubuntu: How to move an application which is displayed offscreen

  1. Ross says:

    If you’re using windows 7+ you can press the windows key and then the left or right arrow keys to move your windows around (taking up half the screen space), using up or down will minimise/maximise your window, if you tap the arrow key in one direction repeatedly you will eventually see the window that you are after (while holding the windows key)!

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