SWT implemented with OpenGL in the Bling IDE

The cool guys at http://www.l33tlabs.com/ implement an IDE for game developers. They also in the process of implementing SWT with OpenGL and the result is pretty impressive.

Have a look at this video:

Pretty impressive. I hope they will make their SWT implementation available to others.

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Lars Vogel is the founder and CEO of the vogella GmbH and works as Eclipse and Android consultant, trainer and book author. He is a regular speaker at international conferences, He is the primary author of vogella.com. With more than one million visitors per month this website is one of the central sources for Java, Eclipse and Android programming information.
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3 Responses to SWT implemented with OpenGL in the Bling IDE

  1. Jörg says:

    Can’t wait for wobbly views in my IDE 😉

  2. Dennis Doubleday says:

    That is a pretty cool looking demo. But help me out with understanding what is the practical advantage of implementing SWT in OpenGL? I would certainly never want my IDE views to “ripple” like that, even though it is a “wow” effect.

  3. Tommy says:

    Well, that would be a great effect if you want to make the user believe they are dreaming or having a flashback. 🙂

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