Distributed Version Control with Git – Kindle book second edition

I finally managed to finish the second edition of the Git book for the Kindle. Compared to the first edition this second edition covered much more topics and it much more detailed. The Kindle pages have increased from 51 to 227.


A lot of the quality improvements is based on the feedback of my reviewers. A huge thanks goes to Matthias Sohn, Dirk Fauth, Dariusz Luksza, Thanh Ha, Krzysztof Daniel and Stefan Lay for providing feedback. A huge thanks also to Dr Alex Blewitt for writing the foreword and providing feedback on the content.

You find the Kindle version in your local Amazon store.

Distributed version control with Git Amazon.com Kindle version
Distributed version control with Git Amazon.de Kindle version
Distributed version control with Git Amazon.fr Kindle version
Distributed version control with Git Amazon.fr Kindle version

Buyer of the first edition for the Kindle should have the option to get an update in their Amazon Kindle center. As a paper version follows soon this will be the last update of the Kindle version, future version of this Kindle book will be released as new books.

This book is based on my online Git tutorial.

I plan to release also a paper version of this book in approx. 2 weeks.

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