Using XML layout references in Android

Android supports resource selectors based on qualifiers. For example to use a special layout file for activity_main.xml on a tablet in landscape mode you would typically define a layout file also called activity_main.xml in the layout-sw600-land folder.

Instead of using this approach you can use use XML layout references. With this approach you define a reference to a file for a defined layout name.

To use the approach for our example create the following refs.xml file in the values-sw600-land folder.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <item type="layout" name="activity_main">@layout/activity_second</item>

This file defines that if the layout with the name activity_main is used it should point to the real file activity_second.

So basically you have a second way of configuring which layout file should be used under which condition. I case you have a complex setup of different layout file you may want to use these references to avoid duplication of the layout files in different folders.

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