New message extension update

I’m very happy and of course proud to see that the new message extension created by Tom Schindl and me is part of the Eclipse platform with Eclipse Luna M3.

If you followed my blog post series about the new message extension, there are some slight modifications you need to do in order to use the platform instead of the E4 Tools Services now:

  • Remove dependency to
  • Add dependency to (if it is not already there)
  • Change the import statement for the @Message annotation from to
  • Change the import statement for the @Translation annotation from to

This makes it easier to consume the new message extension in the future. Hopefully we will see the IDE integration similar to the existing NLS stuff soon, so the Eclipse Translation Pattern finds its way to a lot of Eclipse related projects out there. 🙂

About Dirk Fauth

Dirk Fauth is a Software Architect for Rich Client Systems working as Research Engineer for the ETAS GmbH in Stuttgart and is a lecturer in Java basics for the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW). He is active in developing, teaching and talking about OSGi, Eclipse RCP applications and Eclipse related technologies. He is project lead of the Nebula NatTable project, Eclipse Platform committer and also a committer and contributor to several other Eclipse projects. (Twitter: @fipro78)
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