Line numbers are default in Eclipse SDK Luna as of today

We conducted a user survey if users want to have line numbers activated in text editors in the Eclipse IDE by default. The response was very clear:

YES: 80.07% (1852 responses)
NO: 19.93% (461 responses)
Total: 2313
Skipped: 15

With we enabled it for the Eclipse SDK build, I assume other Eclipse packages will follow.

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3 Responses to Line numbers are default in Eclipse SDK Luna as of today

  1. René says:


    nice to here that. Maybe it would also be nice to save those “appearance” settings (e.g.: show line numbers, fonts, colors, …) in the user-space instead of the workspace, because it’s a little bit annoying to change your preferred “look & feel” settings every time you create a new workspace.


  2. Lars Vogel says:

    Rene, you can use Workspace Mechanics to synchronize your settings between workspaces.

  3. René says:


    I know the Export/Import of preferences and the Yoxos-stuff, but as far as I can remember is it not possible to export fonts, color, line number, and so on. Additionally it is always a step which I have to do whenever I create a new workspace.

    If these settings where put in the user space they would be present by default and I don’t have to care about it anymore. For some special cases (e.g.: user wants to have different colors for different workspaces) the configuration could be stored on a per workspace area, similar to the project specific configurations.

    But I think, that’s a different topic. Let’s be happy that the Line-Numbers are shown by default now. It makes me happy that 80% of the user have the same preferences that I have 🙂 .


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