Eclipse org.eclipse.ui switches to png files and waves good bye to the floppy disk

Thanks to amazing contributon from Tony McCrary from we could replace the usage of .gif icons in org.eclipse.ui and org.eclipse.ui.workbench with png.

The advantages of the png files is that they support transparency and therefore also look good on a dark theme (background).

Also Tony redesigned the Eclipse Save icons that they young developer which never saw a floppy disk, can related. The save icon looks now a bit like a SD card.

New icons:


Old icons:


Tony provided more icons, e.g. for JDT, Ant JFace, etc. I hope that I can also replace more icons in the platform, especially the gif files used by JDT look very ugly on a dark background.

Thanks again to Tony for this great contribution.

About Lars Vogel

Lars Vogel is the founder and CEO of the vogella GmbH and works as Eclipse and Android consultant, trainer and book author. He is a regular speaker at international conferences, He is the primary author of With more than one million visitors per month this website is one of the central sources for Java, Eclipse and Android programming information.
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14 Responses to Eclipse org.eclipse.ui switches to png files and waves good bye to the floppy disk

  1. RemyG says:

    Hi, the new PNG icons are nice for the transparent background, but I don’t see how the Save icon looks like an SD card… For me it’s still exactly a floppy disk…

  2. Sopot Cela says:

    @RemyG where have you seen a floppy disk with vertical data buses towards the bottom?

  3. Robert D says:

    Nice looking floppy. I know a floppy when i see one.

  4. Tony McCrary says:

    @RemyG It keeps some of the floppy’s vibe so it doesn’t cause mass confusion (i.e. people think the save button is missing, etc).

    I played with a radically different icon but everyone agreed it didn’t click as “Save” like something more floppyesque:

    So it’s kind of a compromise.

  5. Tony McCrary says:

    Sorry that last comment should have been Tony McCrary and not RemyG. Sorry RemyG 🙂

    I need some coffee.

  6. Hendy Irawan says:

    Awesome work, Tony!

    We should also be considering to move towards vector formats like SVG, or at least multi-dpi icons. Considering displays are getting super hi-res this year (3200×1800 for 11-13″ displays and will be much more for > 22″ monitors), UI pains are getting more pronounced.


  7. Yauheni Ivanou says:

    Can anybody explain me how to use it icons ?

  8. Tony McCrary says:

    @Hendy The artwork was all done as SVG, the PNGs are rendered with a maven utility. The SVG set is also available here:

    @Lars thanks!

  9. Velganesh Subramanian says:

    Through which build can we see the icons? I switched back to lighter themes because of white spots around the icons. It would also be great if Eclipse has an inbuilt darker theme. Shall I raise a bugzilla?

  10. Lars Vogel says:

    Velganesh, I use a custom build but the upcoming Eclipse 4.4 M5 contains them. We have a bug report for a darker theme already and I plan to upload soon.

  11. sukhotskiy says:

    Most Eclipse users, who use it for work, do not have time for play with themes and love a standard theme, please care about us too. Many of us forgot years ago about floppy, but it is well known and legacy symbol – please do not touch it! Just forget about what it was earlier.

  12. Lars Vogel says:

    @sukhotskiy, the icon is very close to the old floppy disk, see the comments in this blog, there people say it still looks like a floppy disk. I think you will survice the change. 😉

  13. Rob. S. says:

    I’d humbly like to note that noone actually saves their documents or source code files to SD cards and probably noone ever will, so the SD card symbol is, I fear, not really a good symbol. The floppy disk, on the other hand, has long since become a universal abstraction of the save operation, even though many people never have seen a real floppy disk, and therefore stays better symbol. As long as noone doesn’t come up with a new symbol that is up-to-date without being misleading, a symbol that really has a good chance to universally supplant the floppy disk on most platforms for most applications, my preference would clearly be to stay with the old one for the time being.

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