Import CSS files in Eclipse Luna M6

Eclipse Luna M6 allows you to include other CSS stylesheets. For example to use the new Eclipse dark theme in your RCP application, do the following:

In your RCP application created a /css/default.css file with only one instruction

@import url(“platform:/plugin/org.eclipse.ui.themes/css/e4-dark.css”);

Add org.eclipse.ui.themes to your RCP product and add the applicationCSS property pointing to platform:/plugin/test/css/default.css in your product extension point. If you start your application is is dark styled.

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One Response to Import CSS files in Eclipse Luna M6

  1. Manuel says:

    Hi Lars,
    I just started working with M6 and tried to get rid of the QuickAccess Field at the top right corner. I just wanted to ask if there is a way to do this via the interface now or how I can do it with .css as done in older versions. I’ve already tried to insert some lines in the css files under plugins/org.eclipse.ui.themes_…/css/ but without any success till now. I described my old solution under
    Best regards,

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