Eclipse platform contributors – please convert any patch you have to a Gerrit review

Yesterday Michael Keppler commented on my latest blog post the following:

Although the general process for contributions has improved, there is still quite a difference between what a single _committer_ can do, and what a single _contributor_ can do. It is frustrating if you create bug reports or patches, and no one looks at them. As a (non committer) contributor, you still very much depend on project committers, and their time is a scarce resource. Therefore, from the outside it does not look that easy to me as described by you.

I assume Michael is referring to patches in Bugzilla. The platform.ui team (and I believe the JDT team also) is IMHO good in reviewing Gerrit contributions. I agree that patches in Bugzilla tend to get ignored, I was no one has the time to find and review them.

So please convert any patch you have to a Gerrit review. See Eclipse platform contributions for a description of the required setup.

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3 Responses to Eclipse platform contributors – please convert any patch you have to a Gerrit review

  1. howlger says:

    One/two month ago I converted 5 old and one new patches to Gerrit reviews. 3 of these 6 Gerrit reviews got applied by Eclipse Platform committers. 50% success rate – not bad! But unfortunately the – from my point of view – most important bug fix has not been applied. I spent so much time on this issue and I have no idea what else I could do. Any suggestions?

  2. Lars Vogel says:

    Holger, I suggest to drop into IRC #eclipse-e4 and ask how would be the right person to review. C-code is a bit special.

  3. howlger says:

    Lars, thx for the hint. The bug has been fixed now. 🙂

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