Eclipse and the Ubuntu team working together – Solving the Eclipse menu issue under Ubuntu

I’m very happy to report that the Eclipse platform team worked together with the Canonical Ubuntu team to solve the broken menu issue of Eclipse under Ubuntu. This fix is available for Ubuntu 14.04.

It just to be the case that the menu of the Eclipse IDE did not work out of the box under Ubuntu and you had to use several tricks to make Eclipse work. This was relatively hard to discover for new users of Eclipse under Ubuntu and increased the barrier in using Eclipse.

We (Eclipse platform team) reached out to the Ubuntu team and William Hua from Canonical did solve this issue. I would like to thank William and the whole team from Ubuntu for that effort, they could also have pushed the issue back to the Eclipse side. But they went through the extra effort to solve it on their Ubuntu side. Kudos to them!

Thanks to William for doing most of the work, and also a big thanks to all involved parties, including Jono Bacon, Jason Warner from Canonical and Aleksandar Kurtakov, Paul Webster, Ian Skerrett and Mike Milinkovich from the Eclipse side. Especially thanks to Aleksandar Kurtakov from Red Hat for answering GTK3 SWT questions.

See Ubuntu Launchpad bug report for details.

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9 Responses to Eclipse and the Ubuntu team working together – Solving the Eclipse menu issue under Ubuntu

  1. gorlok says:

    Hi Lars,
    Excellent news! Which versions/packages/etc solved this issues?


  2. Amrit Dhakal says:

    Hi Lars,
    That’s a great news. I installed Ubuntu 14 few days ago and I also installed Eclipse immediately after that. I was quite surprised to see the menus work without me doing any changes. I did not know that Eclipse and Ubuntu team worked together to solve the problem that existed with menus. Well, if everyone else also worked together in solving problems like this, the tech world would already been far ahead into the future.

  3. Aleksandar Stoisavljevic says:


    great news. For some time (since 12.04) I switched from Win to Ubuntu. As I am Java web developer I use Eclipse and later Spring Tool Suite for my everyday work.

    As described, there was work around to overcome this issue, I had to change shell executable script, result in adding this line:


    Now I can’t wait to give a try to 14.04 and see if this is working.

  4. cm-t says:


    Here is a reddit comment where it is said that just 1 line should be chnaged (if ever this might help you)

    Well done and thanks (as an user) for this team up.

  5. For me, in Ubuntu 14.04 and Eclipse Kepler with all updates applied (as of 2014-04-23), menus appear, but don’t always work.
    For example, sometimes the source or navigate menus don’t have any submenus.
    Is there something I need to do? Tested both with SWT_GTK3=true and without it.

  6. Subham says:

    A big thnks to the william and his team . I am a die hard user of ubuntu. Sometimes i feel frustrated when eclipse did not live upto my expectations and fluency . Any improvement in the eclipse for the platform is more than welcome 🙂 thanks for sharing

  7. top writing services says:

    Wow that’s a great news.I am also a die hard user of ubuntu but because of limitation i use windows when i need to work with eclipse .Good to see that they are fixing this issue.
    Nice work!

  8. The menu is the least of my worries with Eclipse on ubuntu. 🙁

    I use Kepler and Juno and they are quite unstable on 13.10. I upgraded to 14.04 and had to go back, since the wouldn’t even pass the first 30 seconds. This with clean workspaces and the latest versions of Oracle jdk and openjdk both.

    I keep sendiing crash reports.

    That would be a good effort to make jointly by the Eclipse and Ubuntu team.

    Otherwise, thanks for the excellent work.

  9. Lars Vogel says:

    Fernando, try 14.04 with latest milestone build Eclipse Luna, this works very stable for me.

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