Google Summer of Code – Wayland SWT Port

At this point I would like to introduce myself, my name is Joshua Barkovic and I am currently participating in the Google Summer of Code 2014 program with the Eclipse Foundation. I am working with the SWT team specifically and my work consists of porting SWT so that it will support Linux systems running the new Wayland display server.

Wayland is a next generation display server for Linux machines that strives to solve some of the limitations of the X.Org display server. While X11 will still be around for some time, Wayland has been designed from the ground up to have a small footprint and to work well with non-PC interfaces (e.g. tablets and phones).

SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit) is an opensource widget toolkit built for Java. It allows the developer platform independent access to native graphics libraries and as such requires some maintenance when new libraries and underlying software are developed. Since SWT relies in part on the existence of X11 on a Linux machine in order to function, my work involves removing this dependence and allowing SWT based applications to coexist on both display servers.

GSoC (Google Summer of Code) is a program sponsored by Google in which students in Software Development related programs are paired with mentors in the opensource community. Suggested work is posted yearly on the program’s website in the early spring at which time students can apply to participate in these projects. Successful students and mentors will then spend the summer working together on the tasks they chose to contribute to the community. This partnership allows an increased awareness of opensource initiatives and fosters further participation and growth in the community.

I am a Software Engineering undergraduate student in my final year at McMaster University, Ontario Canada.

My mentors in this project are: Lars Vogel and Alexander Kurtakov.

The project can be found on the GSoC website here.

About Joshua Barkovic

I am a fourth year Software Engineering student at McMaster University, Hamilton Ontario, Canada.
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