Initial Wayland Support From SWT


The SWT ControlExample now displays on Wayland.

The SWT ControlExample running in Weston.

Yes that’s correct, as of this week, newly built programs using the Standard Widget Toolkit will now display in Weston, the reference Wayland compositor.

Things aren’t perfect:

There are some odd graphics quirks and the occasional crash. But getting things to display is an important first step.

Still needs more work.

Still needs more work.

What it means:

The initial support was merged into the master branch of SWT this week. This means that in order to test, existing applications will need to be rebuilt with the fresh source code and binaries from the SWT git repository.

This work will allow important SWT-based applications such as the Eclipse IDE to be ready for the migration away from X11.

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I am a fourth year Software Engineering student at McMaster University, Hamilton Ontario, Canada.
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