Eclipse 4.5 (Mars) requires Java 7

FYI: Our Eclipse 4.5 (Mars) release requires Java 7. I think these are great news. See Eclipse PMC wiki for details.

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4 Responses to Eclipse 4.5 (Mars) requires Java 7

  1. Tom Schindl says:

    Where do you read that? The help system needs Java7 the rest still runs fine on Java6

  2. Lars Vogel says:

    Tom, see Quote: Drop all the Java 6 Platforms from the list of Reference Platforms? DECISION: Yes this needs to be done.

  3. Tom Schindl says:

    There’s a difference between Reference Platforms and what is required to run Eclipse. The statement only says IMHO that Java6 is not tested anymore – please also read the request from the Equinox group who clearly state that only the Help bundle is requiring Java7

  4. Prashant Rane says:

    @Lars, You are right.

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