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vogella GmbH is looking for interested students to work in the Eclipse Open Source project

So much to do in the Eclipse platform project. We are looking for students enthusiastic about Eclipse to help us improve it. See Student – Eclipse Open Source development. Contact in case you are interested.

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Defining JDT code templates via the org.eclipse.ui.editors.templates extension point

I recently had again the need to define new Java code templates via a plug-in so that they can be easily shared among a group of developer. I finally took the time to document it, seeAdding code templates to the … Continue reading

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Make Ubuntu to show all open Windows if you use Alt-Tab

By default Ubuntu only show the windows on the same desktop if you use Alt-Tab. To see the windows on all virtual desktops you have to use Ctrl+Alt+Tab. This drives me crazy. To change this: sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager ccms and … Continue reading

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Ignore whitespace changes in Eclipse Git blame

I recently learned that Eclipse GIt can ignore whitespaces changes in its blame annotations.  To enable blame annotation in Eclipse click on your editor border and select “Show Annotations”. To ignore whitespae changes this select Preferences > Team > Git, Ignore whitespace … Continue reading

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Migration to JUnit 4

When you’re facing the issue to migrate your JUnit 3 tests to JUnit 4, it can be very annoying, because of course you all have a lot of tests. 😉 In general it is a mindless task to migrate things … Continue reading

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