NatTable Getting Started Tutorial published

I’m proud to announce that we published the Nebula NatTable – Getting Started Tutorial at It covers basic information on the background, installing and the architecture of NatTable, and shows how to get started with the first NatTable compositions.

This is the first tutorial in a series of NatTable related tutorials I have planned to publish this year. These tutorials are intended to become the long awaited NatTable user documentation, so stay tuned for more.

It would be great if you provide feedback on the content and report errors and typos if you find any. For this contact us to make the tutorials a valuable NatTable user documentation for everyone.

I would like to thank Lars Vogel for his support and his efforts in encouraging me to write.

About Dirk Fauth

Dirk Fauth is a Software Architect for Rich Client Systems working for the Robert Bosch GmbH in Stuttgart and a lecturer in Java basics for the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW). He is active in developing, teaching and talking about OSGi, Eclipse RCP applications and Eclipse related technologies. He is project lead of the Nebula NatTable project, Eclipse Platform committer and also a committer and contributor to several other Eclipse projects. (Twitter: @fipro78)
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2 Responses to NatTable Getting Started Tutorial published

  1. javaease says:

    this is the best tutorial for NatTable

  2. Dirk Fauth says:

    thanks, stay tuned for more to come 🙂

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