Eclipse Dark Theme enhancement, Section titlebar can now be styled

Since the dark theme appeals more and more developers, it is even more important to deliver a great experience with it.

One critical point concerning the dark theme were those bad looking gradient colors in the Section titlebars.

For those, who do not know what a Section is just have a look at this Screenshot and I bet you will recognize it 😉


The reason for this was a hard coded white gradient for the Section’s titlebar image and the missing CSS handler for the colors in the titlebar.

This two issues have now been resolved so that the setTitleBarGradientBackground() method can now be used in a right manner and in addition to that new CSS properties can be used for the Section.

Here is the CSS, which has been applied by patch 38381:

Section {
       background-color: #4F5355;
       color: #AEBED0;
       background-color-titlebar: #4F5355;
       background-color-gradient-titlebar: #4F5355;
       border-color-titlebar: #4F5355;

The new CSS properties for a section are background-color-titlebar, background-color-gradient-titlebar and border-color-titlebar.
I hope the chosen names are self explaining.

The result of this CSS definitions is:


Looks better, doesn’t it?

If you got any other issues with the dark themes, other themes or your own theme, please do not hesitate to open a new Bug in Bugzilla, like it has been done for the explained issues:

Bug 431635 and Bug 430205

As you may also see in the Bug-reports these features will be available in Eclipse 4.5 M5 or tomorrow in a nightly build version.

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