Buildship on the mission to Mars


Gradleware decided to implement their own tooling solution for building project within the Eclipse IDE and the Buildship project was born.


Since march there are currently 123 commits on the master branch of the GitHub project, which can be found here:

We from the vogella company will be working together with Gradleware and hopefully many other contributors as well.

Therefore we started a new tutorial concerning the Buildship project, which will be constantly updated, when new features will be available. See
Detailed information can also be found on GitHub:

Here is a little impression for you:


As I already “println” in the build script, please help us by contributing to the Buildship project. So make your hands dirty, read the tutorial and give the Buildship project a try.

I’d also like to quote Wayne Beaton (Blog entry concerning Buildship):

Great Fixes for Buildship will qualify for the Great Fixes for Mars Skills Competition!



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  1. Jérôme says:


    I’ve just tried it.
    There is not syntax highlighting nor smart completion yet ?

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