Kudos to Tony McCrary for his Eclipse JDT icon work

Tony McCrary continues his awesome icon contributions.

This time he managed to re-create the JDT icon set so that the JDT icon look good on a dark background. This work started in January 2014 (!!!) and as the JDT developer are under a high pressure, Tony even generated a gallery to compare the old gif and the new png icons to make the review easier for them.

On the left you see the old gif icons, the right are the new png icons.

JDT icons

JDT icons

See JDT icon work Bug for details.

Many thanks from me personally and the platform.ui team to Tony.

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6 Responses to Kudos to Tony McCrary for his Eclipse JDT icon work

  1. Jörg says:

    Great. Thanks for the effort.

    Note, that some of the icon details are very hard to recognize with dark backgrounds, because they are displayed using dark colors – namely “characters” (e.g. the “J” of Java project folder), “connecting-lines” (such as in arrows or hierarchy) and various symbols like e.g. the glasses in read occurences. No offense, just my 2 cents.


  2. Lars Vogel says:

    Jörg, the requirements of the JDT team was that the icons remain “unchanged” so Tony had no liberty to adjust them. Also we currently do not support icons based on themes, so we have to use the same icons for dark and light.

  3. Fabio Zadrozny says:

    Pretty nice 🙂

    As an idea, maybe in the future Eclipse could provide a way to provide different dark/light icons (in LiClipse I change some of the icons in ToolItemElements to a different version depending on the id of the related IContributionItem.getId()), so, I know it’d work in many cases and could be customized by CSS with a custom handler).

    The major work would probably be making the dark/light version of the icons (which can really be time-consuming).

  4. Lars Vogel says:

    Fabio, currently we do not have the option to define different versions. If we have we can see if we can create better icons for the dark theme. Please open a bug report with this request (this have to wait for 4.6)

  5. Tony McCrary says:

    @Fabio a new mechanism was recently introduced for HiDPI icons support that could be extended to provide an icon replacement mechanism.

    The new hires icons are provided as a fragment bundle that relevant code can lookup and use as an icon source, if needed. If this was made configurable to the end user and/or plugin developers, it would be possible to select and provide your own set.

  6. Lars Vogel says:

    Tony, cool idea. If you or Fabio can provide a Gerrit patch for that that would be great.

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