Eclipse Neon (Eclipse 4.6) will require a Java 8 runtime

I’m personally happy that the next Eclipse release will require Java 1.8 to run. See official email to the cross mailing list for the public announcement of this.

Several Eclipse projects like m2e and Jetty have already moved to Java 8. This moves allows us in the Eclipse platform to use the improved Java 8 API to modernize and optimize our code base and will hopefully make the Eclipse project even more interesting for potential Eclipse contributors.

After all, who wants to work in his unpaid time with an outdated Java version?

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5 Responses to Eclipse Neon (Eclipse 4.6) will require a Java 8 runtime

  1. Sven says:

    sometimes customer restriction could exists (those still get java 1.6 updates now, through supported platforms of Oracle)

    So this hard requirement could prevent some solutions partners to switch to this newest version…

  2. Patrick says:

    Yes it’s really sad that Java 1.6 isn’t supported any more by Eclipse. We must stick to Java 1.6 on our Hardware/Software platform.

  3. Bruno Borges says:

    @Sven, companies who want to use Eclipse Neon will have to install JDK 8, yes that’s true. But *only* to run Eclipse. Projects can target different JDKs/JREs, and be deployed on older versions too.

    So no, this “hard requirement” will NOT prevent solutions partners to switch to the new version.

  4. Michael Scharf says:

    Well, its quite interesting that a good part of eclipse core is implemented in Java 1.4 without templates and annotations. This move makes the old parts look even older…


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