Welcome Tony McCrary as a new eclipse.platform.ui Committer

I would like to welcome Tony McCrary as platform.ui committer.

Tony is the amazing guy behind the new Eclipse icons which look way better on a dark background. He has drawn these svg icons and created a Maven renderer to convert them into png files. I have not counted these icons recently, but the last time I looked he created more than 1500 icons. And Tony stayed in for several years, even though he got little thanks from the projects he contributed the icons to. Certain projects which received hundreds of icons complained about errors in 1-2 icons, instead of saying thank you.

Thanks Tony, for having such a thick skin.

Tony is also a kick-ass developer and maintain his closed source SWT port based on Open GL. Scary stuff if you ask me.

Welcome Tony!

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  1. Jérôme says:


    What is the status of GTK+ 3 port in Mars.1, please ?
    Have major bugs been fixed ?

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