Eclipse Neon and Saneclipse adding full screen mode for Eclipse

In the Eclipse Neon build from yesterday you have the option to trigger a “Full Screen mode”. We added it simultaneously to saneclipse. saneclipse is a set of plug-ins to improve the user experience of the Eclipse IDE and can be installed into Eclipse Mars.

You can use the “Toggle Visibility of all Toolbars” command (via Quick Access) to hide all currently visible toolbars. Selecting the command again, reveals these toolbars again. This allows the developer to maximize the space available for editors and views. If you minimize a stack after you selected this command, the minimized stack will be visible, until you trigger the command to hide the toolbars again. This allows the developer to decide which minimized stacks are useful for him.

The following is a screenshot of the IDE with a maximized Java editor and several toolbars visible.


The next screenshot shows the same maximized editor but with hidden toolbar.


The shortcut to trigger this is Ctrl+Alt+M on Windows or Linux and Command+Alt+M on Mac.

Please note that we do not hide the main menu, we think that would be to confusing for the user, which accidently trigger this. And this command will soon be available via the Windows menu.

Combined with the upcoming shortcuts for increasing and decreasing the font size of the current editor this should make Eclipse also easier to use for people using Eclipse for presentations.

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5 Responses to Eclipse Neon and Saneclipse adding full screen mode for Eclipse

  1. Kaloyan Raev says:

    This is a great new feature!
    Can you add a preference to hide the main menu too?

  2. Lars Vogel says:

    @Kaloyan, can you open a bug report for this? Should be trivial to implement.

  3. James B says:

    It’s still really sad how much screen real-estate is wasted by Eclipse. In your screenshot there is so much whitespace arounds controls, buttons and along the boarders of the editors and toolbars. Eclipse has always been greedy with screen real estate, and e4 made it significantly worse, IMO.

    e.g. PyCharm

    Visual Studio:

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