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Who and how many people contributed to a Git repository during a given period?

For my new book I wanted to check how many people contributed to the platform.ui repository during the last three months: git log –since=’last 3 month’ –raw | grep “^Author: ” | sort | uniq -c seem to be doing … Continue reading

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Styling of Eclipse table headers (without SWT support)

Just for reference, the PyDev developer Fabio Zadrozny just posted a nice snippet with allows you to style your SWT table headers via CSS (with your register the snippet as CSS property handler). See the comments in Liclipse released and … Continue reading

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New book: Contributing to the Eclipse project: Principles, Plug-ins and Gerrit Code Review

Frequently I get the feedback that the process of contributing to the Eclipse Open Source project is difficult to get for new contributors. To help with this process I described the process in a new book link link … Continue reading

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Android Development Tools (ADT) for Eclipse now building with Maven Tycho

The ADT project is now using Maven Tycho for there build. See Bug report and ADT build instructions for details.

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Eclipse 4 RCP migration – how to avoid Plugin.getDefault().getPreferenceStore()

Today I got the question how to avoid the usage of Plugin.getDefault().getPreferenceStore() to access preferences as for example in: Plugin.getDefault().getPreferenceStore() .getBoolean(IPreferenceConstants.TEST); The solution is easy you can directly use InstanceScope.Instance, the underlying storage is the same. InstanceScope.INSTANCE.getNode(“com.vogella.eclipse.test”). getBoolean(IPreferenceConstants.TEST, true); I … Continue reading

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User interface improvements in the upcoming Eclipse 4.4 Luna release

I recently crossed paths with my good friend Oliver Gierke from Pivotal, the company behind the the Spring framework. Oliver complains since a while about the Eclipse 4 IDE user interface experience. His complains could be summerized by the following … Continue reading

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The mission of vogella is to provide everyone with developer knowledge in plain simple English whether by online tutorials, books or training materials. Improving the text quality is a constant endeavour. It has to be done, because flawed texts become hard … Continue reading

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Eclipse Bugzilla new favicon

Yeah! Eclipse Bugzilla got an Eclipse flavored favicon. See Bug report. This helps to get your tabs organized if you happen to have Bugs and Eclipse pages open.

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Welcome Sopot Cela as a new eclipse.platform.ui Committer

I would like to welcome Sopot and new platform.ui committer. See the message on the platform.ui mailing list.

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Eclipse and the Ubuntu team working together – Solving the Eclipse menu issue under Ubuntu

I’m very happy to report that the Eclipse platform team worked together with the Canonical Ubuntu team to solve the broken menu issue of Eclipse under Ubuntu. This fix is available for Ubuntu 14.04. It just to be the case … Continue reading

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