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Eclipse Hackathon Hamburg, January, 23rd 2015

We like to announce this coming Eclipse event again, since this is such a great Eclipse community event. So please don’t miss the change to be a part of it. In Hamburg and its surroundings there are so many Eclipse … Continue reading

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Migration to JUnit 4

When you’re facing the issue to migrate your JUnit 3 tests to JUnit 4, it can be very annoying, because of course you all have a lot of tests. In general it is a mindless task to migrate things that … Continue reading

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Accessing the caller information of a method in Java code

Sometimes it is nice to access the caller of a method. Doing this is relatively simple, you can use the getStackTrace() method on the current thread. This returns the call stack in reverse order, e.g. the first element is the … Continue reading

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The mission of vogella is to provide everyone with developer knowledge in plain simple English whether by online tutorials, books or training materials. Improving the text quality is a constant endeavour. It has to be done, because flawed texts become hard … Continue reading

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Using Eclipse application model persisted state to specify the SWT stylebits

With Eclipse Luna M6 and M7 we introduced the possibility to set the stylebits for user interface controls via persisted state data. Use “styleOverride” as key and the integer value for the SWT stylebits you want to use. For example … Continue reading

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Porting Eclipse 3.x RCP application to Eclipse 4.4 – now without QuickAccess box

Lots of Eclipse 3.X RCP application which switched to Eclipse 4 as runtime complained that they get the QuickAccess search bar of the Eclipse IDE for “free”. Thanks to René Brandstetter for solving Bug 411821 this does not happen automatically … Continue reading

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Install Java8 on Ubuntu

The following commands allow you to install Java 8 on your Ubuntu machine. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer

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Google Summer of Code at Eclipse

I would like to introduce myself. I’m Hendrik and currently I’m participating at the Google Summer of Code this year with a coding project at The Google Summer of Code is a program by Google to motivate students (like me) … Continue reading

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Eclipse Internationalization Part 1/4 – Current Situation by Dirk Fauth

If you are developing Eclipse applications and plugins for users around the world, you should prepare them to be translated into several languages. While in other frameworks this process is quite straight forward (think of any webframework you know), in … Continue reading

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Eclipse IDE Book – Finally a paper version and update for Kindle

I finally released the next edition of my Eclipse IDE book. I released two versions for the Kindle already and the last time I promised to deliver an update including handling Git with Eclipse. I used this opportunity to rework … Continue reading

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