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12 Questions to determine if you are happy at work

I just finished the the audio book “1st Break all the rules”. I really liked their catelog of question to determine if someone is happy at work. Here is the list: 1.) Do I know what is expected of me … Continue reading

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Confessions of a public speaker – My key takeaways

I recently finished the book “Confessions of a public speaker” which was recommended to me by Kim Moir. I also can recommend this book; as it contains very good advice (although some chapters for example “Lessions from my 15 minutes … Continue reading

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Making faces – How to display an image for all your blog comments

Have you ever wondered why some people have a friendly face when posting a blog comment while others seems to look quite anonymous? 😉 Here is one possible solution: Gravatar provides a service which allows you to use a single … Continue reading

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Slideware – Finding pretty pictures and images for presentations

Since recently I try to deliver presentation with more visual effects based on the Presentation Zen approach. Of course one of the problems is to find nice pictures. I’m aware of the following sites: stock.xchng Flickr Thanks to Florian Heidenreich … Continue reading

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Presentation Zen

A while ago I read the book “Presentation Zen” from Garr Reynolds. Garrs website can be found at Presentation Zen . I must thank Oliver Gierke for the recommendation of the book. The advice this book gives is actually very … Continue reading

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