Publishing an Android book in the vogella book series

Since a few months I’m working on an Android book based on the popular Android online tutorials from my website.


On thing I learned in the past about book writing is that the process is extremely painful. Creating a consistent and almost error free description is much more work than publishing a good online tutorial. Fortunately I already have a great team of reviewer for the book, so I have high hopes that this book will be of great quality.

I plan to release early access versions of the book via Kindle and Google Play. This release process should start soon.

I want to add every month a new chapter and people which purchases the early access version can update their books. This process will continue until I finish the electronic book. The final book will be available as paper book and as ebook.

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OpenSearch added to


Add to your Firefox search box

For your convenience we just added OpenSearch support to which should be picked up by your browser when surfing through the site. OpenSearch in Firefox

vogella OpenSearch

Chromium users can type “” and hit TAB to search directly in the same box.

Chromium OpenSearch

Chromium Auto Discovery

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Using Eclipse Luna on Ubuntu

Eclipse Luna uses GTK3 as default which is great but unfortunately SWT GTK3 contains still contains some bugs which makes it hard for me to use it, the main ones are: Empty talbles with GTK3 Black area during scrolling with GTK3

Also unfortunately Eclipse menus don’t work under Ubuntu. Therefore I use the following start script to start Eclipse Luna


export SWT_GTK3=0
./eclipse -showlocation

-showlocation shows the current workspace in the Eclipse header, and it not required but useful IMHO.

I hope this helps others.

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Eclipse 4 RCP Kindle version available

I finally found the time to publish the Eclipse 4 RCP book also as Kindle version.


Amazon USA: Eclipse 4 Rich Client Platform

Amazon Germany: Eclipse 4 Rich Client Platform

The other Amazon countries should also be available soon, please see Eclipse RCP book page for updated links.

This book is relative large, depending on your Kindle version and text size settings. During upload Amazon reported that the book has between 8000 and 10000 Kindle pages. The paper version has approx. 700 pages.

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vogella with 60 000 daily visitors

The number of developers which use the free information provided by continues to amaze me. Yesterdays we had 60 000 visitors on This is an increase of almost 20% in the last 2 months. 60 000? Quite frankly, how is this even possible? How many Java developer are there in the world?


I would like to say thanks to everyone for using and to recomment it to other!


Our team will continue to improve and extend our free content to try to help you as good as we can.

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Eclipse e4 tools – Update site for Kepler and Luna

The e4 tools master move on, so that they can only be used for Eclipse 4.4 (Luna). You find the latest Kepler version of the e4 tools under the following p2 update site:

p2 update site for Eclipse 4.3 (Kepler)

You find a continous integration build for Luna under the following p2 update site>

p2 update site for Eclipse 4.4 (Luna)

You find the tools also under the official Eclipse e4 download site with lists all available update sites, but I sometimes find it easier to remember a fixed link.

I hope this helps.

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Porting Eclipse 3.x RCP application to Eclipse 4.4 – now without QuickAccess box

Lots of Eclipse 3.X RCP application which switched to Eclipse 4 as runtime complained that they get the QuickAccess search bar of the Eclipse IDE for “free”.


Thanks to René Brandstetter for solving Bug 411821 this does not happen automatically anymore.

In case you want to use the QuickAccess box in your Eclipse 3.X you have to add it as model fragment similar to the LegacyIDE_fragment.e4xmi fragment in the org.eclipse.ui.ide.application plug-in. You can see the details also in the commit. The nice thing is that you can add it at a position you select, e.g. the status line or the toolbar.

Thanks to René for solving this long outstanding issue, which prevented some 3.X RCP applications to use the Eclipse 4 runtime.

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Eclipse org.eclipse.ui switches to png files and waves good bye to the floppy disk

Thanks to amazing contributon from Tony McCrary from we could replace the usage of .gif icons in org.eclipse.ui and org.eclipse.ui.workbench with png.

The advantages of the png files is that they support transparency and therefore also look good on a dark theme (background).

Also Tony redesigned the Eclipse Save icons that they young developer which never saw a floppy disk, can related. The save icon looks now a bit like a SD card.

New icons:


Old icons:


Tony provided more icons, e.g. for JDT, Ant JFace, etc. I hope that I can also replace more icons in the platform, especially the gif files used by JDT look very ugly on a dark background.

Thanks again to Tony for this great contribution.

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Less screen space waste in Eclipse 4.4

I’m really happy to report that we managed to solve Reduce whitespace usage in the default Eclipse themes . Such bugs are difficult to get agreement upon, as they are “opinion” bugs.

I think the result is really good. If you fire up the next Eclipse 4.4 milestone build, Eclipse uses much less whitespace and leaves more space for the important content.

Java - - vogella Development Tools _010

Compare this to the old theme configuration.

Java - - vogella Development Tools _009

While this is on a technical level a trivial change, I hope that this will improve the initial perception people have in using Eclipse.

A big thanks to Daniel Rolka, Robin Stocker and Dani Megert for doing the majority of the work and a big thanks all involved parties in the Bug report to get this change accepted.

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Save the date – Hamburg Eclipse Hackathon- Januar 17 2014

We are going to run a hackathon in Hamburg (see wiki for more info).

So please join us in Hamburg and learn how to improve the Eclipse platform and projects.

No previous Eclipse platform developement knowledge is required.


P.S. Don’t get irritated by the wiki saying it is “2013″, we created the wiki page last year.

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