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Fresh (and free) icons for applications

I always use the Eclipse icons for my applicatons. Recently one of my users complainted that my icons look “oldisch”…. I quick call for help via twitter returned the following sites which provide free and fantastic looking icons. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Crystal_Clear http://www.famfamfam.com … Continue reading

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Disassemble Java class files via javap

Today I received the question how someone could see the Java code for a Java class file. You can disassemble the Java byte code via the command line tool javap. Lets assume you have this tiny Java class Test.java Compile … Continue reading

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Using Collections.sort and Comparator in Java

Sorting a collection in Java is easy, just use Collections.sort(Collection) to sort your values. For example: This is possible because Integer implements the Comparable interface. This interface defines the method compare which performs pairwise comparison of the elements and returns … Continue reading

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Java Performance with Strings and StringBuilder

Strings are very frequently used in Java programs. This blog post tries to explain what a programmer needs to consider from a performance point of view. It will also explain in what situations you should use StringBuilder instead of String. … Continue reading

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