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Google the location of a plugin in Eclipse cvs

If you want to find the cvs location of a certain Eclipse plugin you can use Google site search using site:”dev.eclipse.org/viewsvn”. For example if you are looking for the cvs location of the plugin “org.eclipse.e4.tools.ui” you can run the following … Continue reading

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Getting the Eclipse source code via Git

Eclipse recently started to provide Git mirrors of the cvs repositories.You find the location of the Git repository on the following website Eclipse Git repositories. If you have the git commad line tools installed (Ubuntu: sudo apt-get git-core) you can … Continue reading

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Create your first Eclipse e4 application

Update This description has been updated in the following tutorial: Eclipse e4. Eclipse released on the 29 July 2009 the tech preview version 0.9 of Eclipse e4, which can be downloaded here. I wasn’t able to find a description how … Continue reading

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