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Identifying the GTK version your Eclipse IDE is using

To identify which GKT version your Eclipse IDE under Linux is using go to Help -> About -> Installation Details and select the Configuration tab. Look there for org.eclipse.swt.internal.gtk.version property. You can also use the “Copy to Clipboard” button so … Continue reading

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Book “Contributing to the Eclipse Project” published

I’m happy to announce that the final version of the “Contributing to the Eclipse Project” book has been released as paper version. To purchase it, see for example Amazon.com or Amazon.de or see Contributing to the Eclipse Project book page … Continue reading

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New book: Contributing to the Eclipse project: Principles, Plug-ins and Gerrit Code Review

Frequently I get the feedback that the process of contributing to the Eclipse Open Source project is difficult to get for new contributors. To help with this process I described the process in a new book Amazon.com link Amazon.de link … Continue reading

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Dark Eclipse ships with Eclipse Luna

We (the Eclipse platform team) added a dark theme contributed by Andrea Guarinoni to Eclipse Luna M6. Lots of people were asking for a default dark theme. Of course SWT CSS styling has some limitation but were are planning to … Continue reading

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Build the e4 tools with “mvn clean install”

We finally made the build for the e4 tools as simple as possible. Just can now build the e4 tools which a simple “mvn clean install”. For the exact commands, please see Building Eclipse tutorial. I think it is important … Continue reading

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Eclipse IDE 3.7 Book available for the Kindle

Today I released my new Eclipse IDE 3.7 book for the Kindle device. Eclipse IDE 3.7 Fundamentals of Java Programming, Debugging, JUnit Testing and Mylyn Tasks with Eclipse This book demonstrates how you can develop Java applications, how you can … Continue reading

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