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Welcome Sergey Prigogin as a new eclipse.platform.ui Committer

I would like to welcome Sergey working for Google as new platform.ui committer. Sergey is a very active contributor to several Eclipse projects and did recently the majority of the work to contribute the UI freeze monitor to Eclipse 4.5. … Continue reading

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Eclipse Hackathon Hamburg, January, 23rd 2015

We like to announce this coming Eclipse event again, since this is such a great Eclipse community event. So please don’t miss the change to be a part of it. In Hamburg and its surroundings there are so many Eclipse … Continue reading

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Preferences Spy for Eclipse IDE and RCP

Motivation Figuring out, which preference is changed, when editing a certain preference in the user interface (i.e. Preference-Dialog), may be difficult. Let the Preference Spy help you with this issue. Preferences in Eclipse The preferences in Eclipse are stored hierarchically. … Continue reading

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Migration to JUnit 4

When you’re facing the issue to migrate your JUnit 3 tests to JUnit 4, it can be very annoying, because of course you all have a lot of tests. In general it is a mindless task to migrate things that … Continue reading

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Eclipse 4.5 (Mars) requires Java 7

FYI: Our Eclipse 4.5 (Mars) release requires Java 7. I think these are great news. See Eclipse PMC wiki for details.

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Final evaluation of JFace project on Google Summer of Code 2014

Hi everyone, It has been a while since my last post entry. We had a lot of work to do to move our project to an acceptable state. In this post, I would like to give you an overview of … Continue reading

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Eclipse Papercut #15 – Simplified access to the structured selection of Viewer

Eclipse Mars will make access to the structured selection of a StructuredViewer easier. So instead of: ISelection selection = combo.getSelection(); IStructuredSelection sel = (IStructuredSelection) selection; You can write IStructuredSelection sel = combo.getStructuredSelection(); Not a big one, but one of the … Continue reading

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Who and how many people contributed to a Git repository during a given period?

For my new book I wanted to check how many people contributed to the platform.ui repository during the last three months: git shortlog -s –number –since=’last 3 month’ seem to be doing the job fine. git shortlog -s –number –since=’last … Continue reading

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New book: Contributing to the Eclipse project: Principles, Plug-ins and Gerrit Code Review

Frequently I get the feedback that the process of contributing to the Eclipse Open Source project is difficult to get for new contributors. To help with this process I described the process in a new book Amazon.com link Amazon.de link … Continue reading

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Android Development Tools (ADT) for Eclipse now building with Maven Tycho

The ADT project is now using Maven Tycho for there build. See Bug report and ADT build instructions for details.

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