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Book “Distributed Version Control with Git” published in the third edition

I’m proud to annouce that I finally managed to release the third edition of my Distributed Version Control with Git – Mastering the command line book has been released. The book has grown in size, it is 1/4 larger than … Continue reading

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Ignore whitespace changes in Eclipse Git blame

I recently learned that Eclipse GIt can ignore whitespaces changes in its blame annotations.  To enable blame annotation in Eclipse click on your editor border and select “Show Annotations”. To ignore whitespae changes this select Preferences > Team > Git, Ignore whitespace … Continue reading

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Storing the Job information of Jenkins in Git

Jenkins provides the SCM configuration plugin which allows you to save every little configuration step automatically in Git repo. I found the amount of commits a bit overwhelming, so I decided to control the commits manually and to save only … Continue reading

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Distributed Version Control with Git – Paper version available

As promised in blog post my “Distributed Version Control with Git” is now also available as paper version. Thanks again to my reviewer: Matthias Sohn, Dirk Fauth, Dariusz Luksza, Thanh Ha, Krzysztof Daniel, Stefan Lay and Dr Alex Blewitt. You … Continue reading

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Git auto-completion for the bash shell

You can enable auto-completion for Git commands in the bash shell. For this copy the following file to your home directory under the name “.git-completion.bash”. git-completion.bash in the main Git repository. Afterwards add the following lines to your .bashrc file … Continue reading

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Stefan Lay joins the vogella trainer team

vogella is proud to announce that Stefan Lay joins us and enforces the trainer team of vogella. Stefan is initial committer in the Eclipse projects EGit and JGit since May 2009. He has more than ten years experience as a professional Java … Continue reading

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Avoiding Git Merge Commits with branch.branchname.rebase = true

If you have local changes in your Git repo and pull in new changes from your remote repository, Git will per default create a merge commit for the pulled changes. This can clutter your history with unnecessary commits. To rebase … Continue reading

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Mylyn Github Connector

Just in case you missed it, there is a prototype for a Mylyn and Github connector available. Please see https://github.com/blog/852-github-mylyn-connector-for-eclipse for the official announcement. Installing the connector is pretty straight forward you can directly install it from the Eclipse Marketplace … Continue reading

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Git Alias – git add -A and git commit in one command

In in 95% of my time I type “git add . -A” directly followed by “git commit -m “message” in the Git version control system. That is a lot of typing for a very common case. Fortunately git allows to … Continue reading

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The unnecessary complexity of Git

Git is one of the greatest distributed version control system and EGit will pave the road to success for Git in the Eclipse world. But some things make the usage of Git difficult for new starters. I would like to … Continue reading

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