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Eclipse IDE 3.7 Book available for the Kindle

Today I released my new Eclipse IDE 3.7 book for the Kindle device. Eclipse IDE 3.7 Fundamentals of Java Programming, Debugging, JUnit Testing and Mylyn Tasks with Eclipse This book demonstrates how you can develop Java applications, how you can … Continue reading

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Mylyn Github Connector

Just in case you missed it, there is a prototype for a Mylyn and Github connector available. Please see https://github.com/blog/852-github-mylyn-connector-for-eclipse for the official announcement. Installing the connector is pretty straight forward you can directly install it from the Eclipse Marketplace … Continue reading

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Local Mylyn tasks distributed via git

I learned from Steffen Pingel and Ekkehard Gentz that Mylyn has the ability to save local tasks outside the workspace. This is hidden under advanced in the Preferences. This allows you to put your local tasks outside your workspace and … Continue reading

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Save your local Mylyn tasks

If you are using Eclipse you properly using Mylyn. I recently got a new machine and wanted to migrate my local Mylyn tasks from one computer to another. Local tasks stored in your workspace in .metadata/mylyn/tasks.xml.zip. The context for local … Continue reading

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Eclipse Papercut #6 – Modifying Mylyn Context

Change the Mylyn context in a task Continue reading

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