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NatTable + Eclipse Collections = Performance & Memory improvements ?

Some time ago I got reports from NatTable users about high memory consumption when using NatTable with huge data sets. Especially when using trees, the row hide/show feature and/or the row grouping feature. Typically I tended to say that this … Continue reading

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Installing mod_pagespeed on Ubuntu

mod_pagespeed is an Apache HTTP module which is supposed to do a lot of website performance optimization before sending it to the browser. For details please check mod_pagespeed docs or the Google IO talk (Make the web faster) about this … Continue reading

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Android – Making efficient layouts

Android Programming is a lot about efficiency to have snappy user interfaces. The Android SDK provides two nice tools to help building efficient UI’s. In the tools directory you find the tools: layoutopt and hierarchyviewer. layoutopt is a command line … Continue reading

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Profiling Eclipse RCP applications with Eclipse TPTP

I believe approx. one or two years ago I tried to profile an Eclipse RCP application with the Eclipse TPTP project. I believe at this point in time profiling an RCP application with TPTP was not possible. I learned from … Continue reading

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Java Performance with Strings and StringBuilder

Strings are very frequently used in Java programs. This blog post tries to explain what a programmer needs to consider from a performance point of view. It will also explain in what situations you should use StringBuilder instead of String. … Continue reading

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