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Eclipse Papercut #7 – Adding the PDE Plugin creation wizard to the Eclipse toolbar

Its been a while since I wrote my last Eclipse papercut blog entry. Today I demonstrate how to add the PDE wizard for creating new plugins to the Eclipse toolbar. I personally create plugin projects on a regular basis therefore … Continue reading

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Shortcuts for Next / Previous result in the Search View

Paul Webster posted a very nice small Eclipse plugin to support Tor Norby from the Javaposse. This plugin defines a command which defines shortcuts to navigate through the search results in the search view, even if the search view doesn’t … Continue reading

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Eclipse Development – In which plugin do I find this class?

A common question for Eclipse Plugin or Eclipse RCP developer is in which plugin a certain class is included. A very easy way for finding this information is the Open Type Dialog (Hotkey Ctrl + Shift +T). Just look in … Continue reading

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Using Eclipse Templates to show off

Have you ever been in a software demo there the presenter was that fast with the editor that you were scared? He might have been using personal templates. Templates allow you to save a block of coding and insert it … Continue reading

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Reading resources from a Eclipse plugin

Frequenty you want to store static files in your bundle and load them from your bundle. For this you can use the following code, of course replace the bundle id with your version: Alternatively you can also use URL directly. … Continue reading

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Going plugin (from an OSGi bundle)

The Eclipse plugin creation wizard allows to create OSGi bundles or Eclipse plugins. The most notable difference is that the PDE plugin editor does not show the extension tab. I recently wanted to use an plugin extension in a project … Continue reading

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Poll – Default launch configuration for Eclipse plugin / RCP development

Eclipse shows errors during a launch via the log views in both the host and the target system and on the file system. In addition the developer can specify the flag “-consoleLog” in the launch configuration so see potential error … Continue reading

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API for reading Eclipse plugin dependencies

The Eclipse platform provides an API to allows that you can access in information of the MANIFEST.MF. For example you could read the dependencies of your plugin. For this example create a plugin “de.vogella.pde.dependencies”. See Eclipse Plugin development for examples … Continue reading

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Eclipse Papercut #6 – Modifying Mylyn Context

Change the Mylyn context in a task Continue reading

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Eclipse PDE templates – Your action is my command

The Eclipse PDE templates are fantastic to help people to learn the platform and to get oven the first initial resistence to start with Eclipse RCP or Eclipse Plugin development. Templates indicates to their consumers that they represent best development … Continue reading

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